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Fort Mill Friendly Movers Case Study

  • Client: Fort Mill Friendly Movers
  • Website: https://fortmillmoving.com/

Client Overview

Fort Mill Friendly Movers is a leading moving company serving clients in North Carolina and South Carolina. With a focus on personalized moving solutions, Fort Mill Friendly Movers aimed to strengthen their online visibility, elevate their organic search performance, and increase inbound phone calls.


Fort Mill Friendly Movers faced numerous challenges that affected their online visibility and SEO performance. Their limited presence on search engine results pages made it difficult for potential customers to find their services easily. Furthermore, in the highly competitive moving sector of North and South Carolina, numerous firms competed for the same keywords and customer base. Additionally, their shortage of premium backlinks had an adverse effect on their domain authority and overall SEO. One of the major challenges was cleaning the website, as it had been hacked, which further compromised their online presence.

The Solutions

  • Improving the website’s layout for better customer engagement.
  • Keyword research to refine search terms for target audiences.
  • Local SEO tactics for improved regional visibility.
  • Targeted link building for stronger backlink profiles.
  • Technical SEO audits for enhanced website performance.
  • Restored and secured hacked website by removing all malware.

The Process

  • Updated the design to optimize user conversion as search engine visibility grew.
  • Optimized Google Business profiles to increase visibility in local search results.
  • Secured local press links to boost domain authority and online presence.
  • Leveraging a strategic SEO initiative that prioritizes lower volume keywords to strengthen authority and surpass competitors in areas with untapped potential.
  • Creating content for landing pages about service areas and producing blog posts about topics related to those service areas to strengthen internal linking.
  • We thoroughly cleaned and optimized the website, ensuring it is fully prepared for improved search engine ranking.


The teamwork between us resulted in substantial achievements for Fort Mill Friendly Movers.

  • Attained a significant 40.7% enhancement in Business Profile interactions year over year.
  • Achieved a remarkable 47.3% increase in website clicks sourced from Business Profile compared to the previous year.
  • Generated a 18.9% growth in Business Profile views and a 5.8% increase in the search results.
  • Increased the number of organic keywords from one to more than 63 within three months.
  • We conducted a thorough technical audit and identified key issues, including security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and SEO challenges.
  • Successfully cleaned over 12,900 hacked pages, removing all malicious content and restoring the security of the site.
  • We updated the website to a more engaging design, improving visitor trustworthiness.

Work With Mover Marketing

Thanks to a carefully crafted partnership with our agency, Fort Mill Friendly Movers witnessed substantial boosts in online visibility, lead generation, and overall business success. Our custom digital marketing approaches went beyond expectations, laying a solid groundwork for ongoing expansion in the competitive moving industry.
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